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What does a Dry Mouth mean to you the purchaser of a Goliath Saint Berdoodle or Saint Bernard puppy?  

It means you do not have to carry around a rag with you everywhere you and your dog go. NO CONSTANT MOPPING UP PUDDLES OF DROOL off of the floors.

At “Goliath Saint Berdoodles” Saint Bernard’s and Saint Berdoodles home of the DRY MOUTH dog you can be confident that you can take your dog in the car with you, or on an outing, without having to be concerned that they are going to shake their head and send off offensive fishy smelling drool all over the seats of the car or on you, or any unsuspecting pass buyers who too are out for a walk.

Dogs with the deeper pendants do drool. You now OWN the concerns of the deep pendant (jowl) dog, and the negative issues that come from purchasing and owning a Saint Bernard or Saint Berdoodle with the deep jowls issues.

Issues that now become yours; issues such as a dog that needs to drink more to compensate for the loss of saliva which makes him continually thirsty, you now have to worry about the drool and the keeping up to it, continually cleaning the drool both off of its mouth, and the drool which accumulated from off of their chest and forelegs. You now have to be concerned with the heavy matting which occurs on their chest and under their necks because of constantly being wet. Even people with other dogs, dog lovers will get annoyed if you’re drooling Saint Bernard or Saint Berdoodle slobbers on them or their dog, or shakes his head spraying saliva all over them. 

Take out the worry of the drool with “Goliath Saint Bernrd's and Goliath Saint Berdoodles” Dry Mouth dogs.

To some people, THE DROOLING may not be an issue, but to those who HATE THE DROOLING, and otherwise would love to own a large breed dog, such as a SAINT BERNARD or Saint Berdoodle than “Goliath Saint Berdoodles” breeder of the Dry Mouth Saint Bernard and Saint Berdoodle is the breeder you should choose when purchasing your dog.

Most people will always choose DRY MOUTH over drool, especially if YOU HAVE THE CHOICE, drool or dry mouth, the CHOICE IS YOURS to make.

You have now made your decision to now purchase the breed you so much love. You have decided to purchase a Saint Bernard or Saint Berdoodle, your next step is now considering between purchasing your puppy from a Dry Mouth (1888 to 1955 original AKC pure breed standard of Saint Bernard) Saint Bernard/ Saint Berdoodle breeder or a Saint Bernard breeder who breeds the major drooling dog with the long hanging pendants of which most of today’s dogs are bred. 

 Also to take into consideration is the vast difference in the care and maintenance between a DRY MOUTH Saint Bernard or Saint Berdoodle dog verses a DROOLING Saint Bernard or Saint Berdoodle dog, in which there is a vast world of difference between the two, both in your valuable time and energy and the added work put into caring for the dog and trying to live with this breed in your family.

CHOOSE DRY MOUTH choose “Goliath Saint Berdoodles” breeder of quality dry mouth Saint Bernard's and Saint Berdoodles. Originally Saint Bernard's were dry mouth and bred DRY MOUTH      


 In 1888 to 1955 the AKC REGISTERED pure bred Saint Bernard was always a Dry Mouth dog. 

As this is how the original Saint Bernard's started out, and in keeping with the original standard of the Pure Saint Bernard breed standards we at Goliath Saint Berdoodles breeder of quality dry mouth Saint Berdoodles and Saint Bernard's, want to keep with and adhere to these standards in our breeding practices today. The standard which is THE DRY MOUTH way, the way less drool and health concerns associated with the many of the Saint Bernard’s out there today. 

The DRY MOUTH Saint Bernard is the way it used to be in the early days of Saint Bernard breeding and showing, and still should be today. The breed changed over time, and in some ways not for the better of the breed. 

A Saint Bernard which  DOES NOT HAVE THE LONG hanging  pendant in their lower jaw, is known as a dry mouth Saint Bernard. When a Dry Mouth Saint Bernard salivates it is easier for it to swallow and the drool does not collect in the lower lip pocket.

 From 1888 until 1955 the AKC standards and rules on the Saint Bernard breed was according to Standards specified that the lower lip of the St. Bernard should not be pendant. This pendant is known as the jowls, which means no long hanging jowls which are the reason in today’s breeding of the Saint Bernard for the slobber or drool.

Due to the change in the breed standards as of 1955 and the consequences of going from a no pendant rule to a slight pendant rule, opened the door to what we now see in the breed today. This change in rules allowed breeders to change from the original and pure standards of the breed and keeping in the standard as pure, and into what we now see today in the Saint Bernard, and that is a dog who has extremely deep pendants or jowls and major drooling problems. 
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Benefits of the "Dry Mouth"  Saint Bernard