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When our family lost our 4 year old bernedoodle this past August we knew we wanted to get another big, loving dog. After finding and speaking to Deborah and Goliath about their wonderful breed of St. Berdoodles, we knew we had found the type of dog for us. 

Riggins (our Goliath St. Berdoodle) is now 9 months old and couldn’t be a better dog. From the moment we picked him up, he was calm, friendly, clever and an all around awesome dog. Not only does he want to be around us all the time, he is basically a nanny to our 3 and a half year old, both playing with her (very gently) all the time and literally staying with her wherever she goes - even at the dog beach when she walks off, Riggins will be right next to her the whole time. 

We’ve had an amazing experience with Deborah and Goliath. She truly cares about all of her dogs and we keep in touch with her by sending photos, so she can see him grow up. We couldn’t be happier with our amazing pup and would recommend Goliath to anyone looking for a beautiful, gentle breed. 

The Rees Family 

Hello Deborah, I just want to thank you for my wonderful Boe! He is a wonderful, intelligent Saint Berdoodle! Deborah thank you for all of your help and continued support with Boe. He was potty trained after 2 days! He has slept through the night after the first night at his new home! I get up at 8:30am and I wake him up!, bedtime is at 10:00pm and he doesn’t make a sound until I wake him up!
He is such an intelligent puppy!, he learns so fast, I would like to thank you for my wonderful companion, I am so blessed to have such a wonderful puppy!
All the best in your future placements of your wonderful puppies, I’m sure they will bring much happiness to all there future homes, families!

Hey Deborah 

I just have to tell you... we are up north for the week and Skye is with us of course! I have to tell you this cause this is truly unbelievable.....We can not go for a walk without someone stopping us commenting on how beautiful Skye is.  What should be a 20 min walk turns into 45 min because we are stopped about 6-10 times on our walk because people want to ask about Skye. People are driving by and STOPPING their car rolling down their window to say she is beautiful and asking about her breed. Literally stopping their car!!!!  

I wanted to send you some photos and I just had to tell you what we are experiencing this week!

Mary, Glenn and Skye 


I tired to send you a text, but it seems to be failing. Millie turns one today and I wanted to drop you an update. She is great. She has both of my sons, really all of us, wrapped around her paws. She is 74 lbs, smart, always happy and loves to cuddle. Pretty much exactly what you told me she would be like. She is well behaved and really enjoys walks, running in our yard, and playing tug.

Here is a couple of recent pictures. One when she was coming home from the groomer last week and the second just today. 

Thanks again. 

Hi Deborah,
Just wanted to show you one of your beautiful St. Berdoodles. He’s just over 10 months. He is the most amazing dog!!! We love him so much. Thank you for being superior breeders of such fabulous animals!

P.S. My son has one of your females. She is equally as amazing!

Warm Regards,

Maria Carey

Hi Deborah,
I just wanted to let you know that Bruno is doing so well! We are so in love. He’s so sweet.
I am seeing the vet tomorrow and his food has already been delivered. He’s eating well - the hard stuff too! 

 I even think he knows to pee outside! Such a smart boy!
Here are a few pics of his first days at home. 
Thank you again for everything. 
Sue, Joe, Ellie and Lily

Hi Deborah.....
Had to share, the puppy stage doesn’t last long but it’s such a fun time!
We absolutely LOVE our Teddy! He has brought so much joy to our family. He is such a well behaved, well mannered, lovable, affectionate and playful dog. He’s the best dog and everyone who know us and has been around Teddy agrees.  
Munro.....is almost my favourite child. He’s so easy going. Never growls, rarely barks, totally lovable. I adore him. We like to bath him alternate Fridays and he just loves it. He gets a new bone on the way back - and spends hours chewing away happily at it! Wonderful temperament. Not at all high strung. Relaxed. Knows the names of his toys and can fetch the right one - very smart! 

What can I say - we love him. 


Hi Deborah

First, I can’t tell you enough how happy we are with Charley. She’s gotten quite big since we picked her up. She’s so beautiful and gentle. Everywhere we go, people stop to ask us what breed she is and where we got her. Once, a car even stopped to ask us.


Hi Deb, I just wanted to touch base to let you know how much we love Cooper! He is the best dog we have ever had in our family. He is a smart, gentle, playful, and handsome fellow. He has a perfect disposition...he is busy but not too energetic and he is a big friendly baby. He loves to hang with his humans or play with our other dogs. We barely had any negative puppy behaviours to deal with and that was a delightful surprise. For example, he potty trained very quickly and he learned what not to chew with only a few reminders. Thank you so much for recommending this loveable fur baby to us. He gives us so much pleasure. Here is a photo of him taken a few weeks ago at 9 months with my husband Mike. Thanks again!
 Jes Wallis
Hi Deborah;
It’s so funny you reached out. I had Bear groomed yesterday and a woman & her husband fell in love with Bear. She is a vet. I gave her your contact info. 
Bear has become the heart & soul of our family.

 He has settled in beautifully. His quirky sleeping positions make us all laugh. He is doing well in puppy class. I’ve had 3 people, all Radom vets( who knew I lived near so many! Lol) tell me he should be a therapy dog. His temperament is beyond anything I have ever seen in a dog. They were in love with his personality. They all felt he was just so gentle. Interestingly enough when we encountered a young woman with autism he just lied at her feet. While she patted him. It’s something in the future I may think about. 
I will forward a recent photo when I get to WiFi. 
Hope all is well with you. 

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