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We are the first breeders of the Saint Berdoodle in Canada

Our Motto is

Some breed for Pure, we breed for True​

The Story

Behind our Swiss Flag Emblem and Motto

Some breed for Pure, we breed for True

Goliath True bred Saint Berdoodles


What is TRUE?
loyal · faithful · truehearted · devoted · dedicated · staunch · true-blue · constant · unswerving · unwavering · trustworthy · trusty · reliable · dependable · firm · steady · dutiful · supportive

Read on to see why we at Goliath Saint Berdoodles, Coined the Phrase for the Saint Bernard, as the "Salvation Dog, the dog of God. " and behind our Motto that we call "True," as Goliath the TRUE 
 Saint Berdoodle 

Goliath Saint Berdoodles, coining two phrases; "True Bred Saint Berdoodles"  and The Saint Bernard, as the "Salvation Dog, the Dog of God."

Salvation ; being saved or protected from harm, or being saved or delivered from a dire situation

True; loyal · faithful · truehearted · devoted · dedicated unwavering · trustworthy · trusty · reliable 

The Swiss Flag Emblem, embodies the spirit of God within it.  Secretly hidden away, is its true and forgotten meaning, which has silently carried it's hidden message through the threads of time. Remaining hidden, until it was the time for it to be made manifest, and then it was made known to all.  As what the true meaning of the emblem really stood for. But until that time, it's meaning remained lost, and forgotten. Lost, until the time it would be found. The color red, for the shed blood, and the cross within the blood, is symbolic for rescue and salvation.

The mountains are Gods dwelling place. God in all His Glory inhabits the mountains, in splendor, beauty, and Grace. Whispering softly into the ears of Elect men of God, known as the Monks. The Spirit of God beckoned for them to come. "Come to my Holy Mountain" the Spirit gently spoke, and without a second thought for their own life, willing to trade the current pleasures of the world, to obey the calling of God, these men of God, hearkened to the voice of God, and began to make their long, and treacherous journey up the mountain. 

At the word of God they rested. Making their permanent home atop of the mountain, 8100 ft above sea level. Ascended high above the valleys below, they now dwelt in a place known as, the Great Saint Bernard pass. It is in this location, the Great Saint Bernard pass, located on the border between Italy and Switzerland, that the beautiful dog, now known as the Saint Bernard, would one day come into existence. Bred by the Monks, and named after one Monk in particular. Saint Bernard de Menthon, who was mainly responsible for the creation of this Salvation Dog. 

This same Monk, Saint Bernard de Menthon, was also responsible for establishing the Monastery in the Mountains, where other Monks, the men of God, would make it their new found home.

And it is in this sacred and Holy place, on top of the Mountain of God, that the Saint Bernard, the Dog of God, had its humble beginnings.  

The monastery became a place of refuge, for travelers making their way in between the mountains pass, seeking shelter, and rest from the frigid cold, and wild winter storms.

And It is this Saint Bernard Dog, that was sent out into the frigid cold temperatures, with a strong desire, and in great heart and spirit, determined to find the lost souls.  Such souls  were those who had  unexpectedly succumbed to being swept away by the suddenly, fast and furious waves, of thundering rolling snow, that billowed down the mountains at great speed, sweeping away with great force, everything that stood within its path. These unsuspecting souls of men, soon found themselves quickly  underneath the frigid cold and deep layers of snow, brought on by what was called an avalanche, these souls found themselves in a dire situation, buried alive in what now, would be their own Sheol. 

They were lost, and without any hope. Some called out to God immediately, and others, at their last breath, when all hope had begun to fade, and when reality set in, that there was no chance of them surviving.   

Buried alive these souls cried out to God, and God heard them. And God said to the Saint Bernard dog, 
"GO " for I have given to you keen senses, above all other dogs, amazing strength, and a heart after my heart, and in a strong Spirit of Salvation, you will seek out, and find those lost souls, who have called out to Me to save them.

And the God Dog leapt to his feet, and like the Monk, he hearkened immediately, at the voice and words of God, and with his amazing senses and keen nose, he sought out the lost souls.  And bred into him with one mission in mind, he sought out, 
 to seek and save those being lost. 

Those who were about to breathe their last breaths, and had given up all hope of survival, cried aloud in great joy, when they felt the warm breath of of a dog, breathing on them,  the breath of a Saint Bernard Dog. Hope came back, and they began praising the God, who created the heaven and earth, the God who heard, and answered their prayers, and the God who sent out the Dog, in whom He created. Out of the love for humanity, and brought forth through the Monks.

These Saint Bernard's, have written and recorded evidence regarding them, of the rescue and saving  of over 2000 souls.

 The True meaning of the Emblem:  is of time forgotten, but now, it is time to remember.  The Swiss Flag emblem carries with it, the Salvation message carried by the Spirit of God down through the centuries.

And just as this message is here now, so too, are our Swiss Lines of the Saint Bernard Dog.

 Our Swiss Alp lines of Saint Bernard's carry in them, the same Salvation Spirit, from the Saint Bernard's of old.  Who were bred by these men of God, known as the Swiss Monks.

The  recognition of the Saint Bernard these days, as a Salvation dog, has all but ceased to exist. The memory of his glory days has quickly faded away, from the thoughts, minds, and hearts of mankind, of what this magnificent dog really did, and stood for in the high Mountainous terrain. 

As the message of this magnificent dog, once known as the salvation dog, for seeking out and saving lost souls, has all but gone. So also has ceased the beloved Saint Bernard's days, of being bred, high upon the Holy Mountain of God, by the Men of God, the Monks. And the memory of what they stood for is fading fast.

Goliath Saint Berdoodles hopes to bring back to LIFE, and stir up in the hearts of mankind once again, the message behind the Saint Bernard dog,
He was born to rescue, and to seek and save the lost.

We have picked up where the Monks have left off. That is to create a Dog, who will be all that God wants the Dog of the Mountains to be.

 Our Swiss lines of Goliath Saint Berdoodles, are bred from the lines of the Saint Bernard's of old. Saint Bernard's lines originating from the high Swiss Mountain regions, that carry in them, the same Salvation Spirit.  And it is the same Spirit, which is bred into these Dogs, that we carry, and breed into our lines of Goliath Saint Berdoodles.  The Saint Berdoodles that we breed: carry the heart, soul, and spirit of the Saint Bernard of old. With the Salvation Spirit flowing through their veins, and their minds set on Salvation, and of Seeking and saving the lost. 

  Because we do not live high above in the Mountains of God, where the weather is  cooler and more accommodating for the Saint Bernard, we at Goliath have created our own Salvation Dog.  By introducing to our beautiful, Swiss Saint Bernard lines, the beloved Standard Poodle, we now have a dog which can endure a lot better, our planets hotter temperatures.

Thus, to create our own Salvation Dog. That in every way embodies the True Spirit of the Saint Bernard of old, and a dog that also now carries within in it  "Grace." By adding the Standard Poodle, full of Grace, Beauty, intelligence, and above all Majestic in its being, we now have a dog who is able to better  withstand our hotter planet, with its much higher summer heat temperatures. This dog is better able to cope in higher temperatures, and can be outside much longer in the summer heat, than our Beloved Saint Bernard can be. 

 This enables those who love the Saint Bernard, in his humble and gentle ways, to now have a dog who in mannerism, embodies that of the Saint Bernard of old, in spirit and heart and his quiet, calm and gentle demeanor, not forgetting his very tolerant and patient personality.  

We now introduce to you.

 The TRUE Goliath Saint Berdoodle.

Loyal · faithful · truehearted · devoted · dedicated · staunch · true-blue · constant · unswerving · unwavering · trustworthy · trusty · reliable · dependable · firm · steady · dutiful · supportive​

A dog who carries within it the Spirit of Salvation, to seek and save the lost. A dog full of heart and love. A dog who is calm, gentle, long suffering, and enduring.  ​
 loyal · faithful · truehearted · devoted · dedicated · staunch · true-blue · constant · unswerving · unwavering · trustworthy · trusty · reliable · dependable · firm · steady · dutiful · supportive​

  A dog who is full of Grace, beauty, and intelligence.  A dog who is Majestic in its appearance, size and stature . A dog who does not drool, and has non shedding coat factors, now added into him. A dog who is a dryer skinned dog, which when wet does not produce the wet dog smelly odors, as most oily skinned breeds do.  Coupled with less dander, this makes him a good choice for those who may have allergies, or sensitivity to dog dander. Not to mention a dog who will live longer than the Saint Bernard, of whose life expectancy due to  its sheer size is only 8-10 years. With the Saint Berdoodle having a life expectancy of 10 - 15 years this gives us longer time to spend with greatly beloved our friend, Our Goliath Saint Berdoodle.

Now all can enjoy this beautiful Dog of God. The Goliath Saint Berdoodle


loyal · faithful · truehearted · devoted · dedicated · staunch · true-blue · constant · unswerving · unwavering · trustworthy · trusty · reliable · dependable · firm · steady · dutiful · supportive​

Remember the True 

Goliath Saint Berdoodle 
as the Salvation Dog 
when you see our 
Our Logo


Only a Goliath Saint Berdoodle is the TRUE 

Saint Berdoodles
Inspired words were written by Deborah, the Breeder of  the True Goliath Saint Berdoodle.
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History of the Saint Bernard and  "Our Motto"
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