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Hi Deborah,
The first attached photo was taken on a walk in early January just after we had gotten her groomed for the first time. My daughter Kerstin loves taking her for walks in our neighborhood. The second photo is a little more recent taken at the end of Feb right around her 6 month mark of Bala enjoying the snow with one of our neighbor’s dogs Toby. She doesn’t seem to notice that Toby is small enough to walk underneath her, she still loves playing with him. 

 We are loving her very much. She is not shedding  and there is no drool. She loves eating ice cubes so whenever I get a glass of water she follows me to the fridge and gives me a look. She has an amazing temperament and has spoiled us for future dogs I think since she is so ‘chill’ for a puppy and she has picked up our training very quickly. She doesn’t really bark unless she sees something in the backyard. 
Thanks again!

Hello Deborah

I tried to send these over yesterday. I also sent you a text message about how well Charlie and Sophie are doing. It doesn't sound like you got either one. Sophie lives with my sister and they visit often, usually 2-3 times per month. Charlie is super sweet, just a wonderful gentleman. He weighs just over 100 lbs now. Sophie weighs about 80 lbs and is really smart. She can learn anything in a matter of minutes. You did a marvelous job of raising these two pups. They have been a blessing to us since the day we got them!  

Sophie loves to sleep in front of the dryer especially when it's running. Charlie did not like his reindeer antlers but being the sweet boy that he is played along with us.

Thank you for our babies!

P.S. We love the Saintberdoodle breed! The breed is the best of both worlds!
Our new fur baby Cousteau was adopted from Goliath Saintberdoodles. He has the sweet gentle nature of the Saint Bernard and enough poodle intelligence to make him very trainable... not to mention he is the most beautiful tri colour Saintberdoodle puppy ever! 

Cousteau is equal parts mischievous, chilled, inquisitive and affectionate. Not only was he bred from the perfect genetic hybrid to suit our lifestyle, he was given a very good start by the breeders... a good solid foundation to socialization. The puppy is receptive to people and his environment. Cousteau is a winner all around and we eagerly look forward to enjoying each new stage of his development. We are utterly smitten with him.

He continues to do well Deborah. I'll be sending more pics soon. Can't seem to stop taking them :)


Hi everyone! We're hoping to remember to take the camera outside from now on so that we'll have more diversified pics... although it's a good way to see how much Cousteau's growing to take pics of the same poses in the same places. He continues to amuse and delight us and endears himself more each day. And um, yes, that's him watching tv with me on my chair. It only holds his attention for a couple of minutes but it's funny when it happens.

Jeanne, Stephen and His Magnificence, Cousteau 

 Hi Deborah, 
Hope all is well. We randomly met Mario and their dog Rocky last weekend in Blue Mountain village. The dogs played all night together and it was really cute.  
Just sharing a photo of when we randomly met in a crowd of people another family with a Saintberdoodle puppy from you. We were both with the dogs and both with our kids (who were also the same age)


Hi. Just wanted to let you know our St Berdoodle is doing very well and loves her new home with our golden doodle. We named her Violet and she graduated puppy school last night. I'm sending along some pictures as promised! 
Thanks so much. We love her!
Annette and Martin 

Good morning Deb - I hope you are doing well. Harry has learned so much in a short period of time! 

He has learned to run up and down the stairs without even thinking about it, he is excellent on leash - doesn't pull, heels, sits on command, waits to "go get" his food, uses his pee pad once over night. He never cried and has socialized easily with people, cats and other dogs!

Harry has a sweet and calm demeanor that I love, and he follows me so closely that when I look for him and don't see him, I realize he's right beside my feet quietly laying down while I prepare meals in the kitchen!

He loves to play and sits to process new sights and sounds with keen interest and intelligence!

I'll send a couple of other pictures shortly! Have a great day and thanks for bringing this sweet fellow into my world!

I was looking for a dog and came across your website. I had never heard of the breed Saintberdoodle. I read all the information on the breed on the website and did some more research on-line. I decided this sounded like the dog for me and made arrangements  to go meet the pups. When I arrived, Deborah had two puppies I was interested in with their parents. As with most puppies, I was expecting to be jumped on and them all over me. Not the case here, the dogs were very well mannered and did not jump on meet at all.  
 I fell in love with Sadie. Love at first site. I have since changed her name to Ruby. Ruby was 16 weeks and just a healthy looking, clean, beautiful pup. Since bringing Ruby home, she has been such a good puppy. The first night she had a pee in my home. That is the one and only time. Deborah obviously had worked with her to get ready for her forever home. I feel Deborah really cares about the dogs she breeds and has guarantees that protect your purchase.  
Ruby is very intelligent. She has been so easy to train so far. She likes her treats, but will perform on praise and loves her belly rubbed. She is very curious about seeing other people, animals, cars, neighborhood noises. However, she is most happy to stay by my side and calmly take in the environment around her. Ruby has a variety of toys to play with. She loves my shoes. She has not destroyed anything, but she likes to take them and wants to play chase. She understands the word NO. If she gets into anything I don’t want her too, I just simple say no and she stops. In the first week she walked on a leash well, sits on demand, plays fetch and has been a wonderful companion. Everything you will read about this breed is true. Beautiful dogs!  

Hello Deborah
Hank is doing great. Still growing every week it seems. He's about 75 lbs at the moment. Just had him at the vet last week to be neutered. Super personality and very smart. He's so sweet natured that our 10 pound Bichon frisée still bosses him around. 
 Our Virginia summers are not much to his liking, which is to be expected, so he stays mostly inside. People love him and are drawn to him everywhere we go. He was definitely the most popular "kid" in his puppy manners class. Haha

Here are a couple pictures I snapped of him this morning waiting for a treat . Very handsome guy:)

Just wanted to let you know how much we love Hank. He is such a sweet laid back guy. We think he's so handsome. I think you will agree! He was very easy to potty train and just graduated his puppy manners class. We couldn't ask for a better companion. We are so glad we found you. 

Meet "Bailey" 

 "Bailey"  is the only one of our Saintberdoodles we know  of so far that watches television shows from start to finish, even two hours long....whether she watches them alone or with her family members, she loves T.V.....

Her owners Rob, April and Avery, say that even if she is in the kitchen and hears a show of interest come on the T.V. that she will run to watch the show, AND WATCH IT ALL, FROM START TO FINISH!!!

 She has watched a 2 hour long movie without leaving it.
Another day and Bailey's owner April sent us a picture of Bailey watching a show.....

She explains how she was in the kitchen doing dishes with Bailey by her side......the Television was on in the living room and Bailey had got up and went into the living room......

After a few minutes she wondered what she was up to so went in to check on her.....this is the picture she sent us with the caption.....

"today Bailey is learning about the negative effects of sugar"  

 Bailey had gone in to watch the show and did not leave the Television until that show was over......
Puppy class "Graduation Day"
Hi Deborah, lately I find myself thinking about you a lot. Maybe it's the anxiety I feel when it's getting to be that time of the year where we had to move to Toronto (sick kids). Since I'm thinking of you I thought you might be somewhat curious how we r doing. I'm doing home iv so we're home at least. Isaiah's ok and has better quality of life with home iv. 

The dog turned into a real beauty. Ooooh how we all love that dog!! We named her Kira. She's affectionate, soooo smart, polite, gentle..she had never destroyed or chewed up anything in the house before she was trained, never needed to be caged those few times she's home alone. just patiently sits and looks out the window till we're back. I cannot express what a blessing this beautiful dog is to all of us! Such a huge bundle of fluff, gentleness and affection she has for every member. In the morning she'll run around to every room to wake or greet everyone. By stuffing her nose under each chin till she gets a response, then shes of to the next room.

 Whatever we want she's ur companion. Be it play, run, walk, hug or laze around.

  Also wanted to wish u a blessed Easter as we remember the sacrifice God made for us all... God bless u !! Who knows, Maybe someday our paths might cross again. 


Please Pray for "Isaiah" who is on the waiting list to go for a Double Lung Transplant at Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto   
Hi Deborah,
Oreo is great. We love her so much. She's fully house broken, and we
just finished a training program at Petsmart. I attached her
graduation picture. She loves to play with other dogs and chase
squirrels and we take her to off-leash parks where she loves to run.
She's actually a really fast runner. 


Hi Deborah,
  Just a quick note to tell you Stanley is doing WONDERFULLY 😊❤️ He is absolutely WONDERFUL and EVERYTHING I'd hoped he would be! I couldn't be happier with him!!!! I will send you updated pics as he grows up! He was SO WORTH the wait and all the stress we (you included) had to go thru to get him here, so THANK YOU with all my heart!!!!

And I wanted to tell you too, the new litter you have on your site,.,.,.,, BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! All of them are Gorgeous 😊

Have a great rest of the day!



Hi Deborah,
Hope all is well Happy Holidays. Here is a couple of pictures of the big boy. He is such a awesome dog very popular. He saw Santa and there was more people taking pictures with Kingston than Santa. He has had his picture taken with so many people like some military guys and a wedding, he is very popular its hard to get through town without being stopped constantly.

 We bought him sleigh bells for around his neck
 like the horses in Frankenmuth have on. He loves horses he drinks out of their water when we are down there. He is so funny he has been stealing his Christmas presents in Alyssa's room and he halls butt up stairs to hide them because he knows that he is not supposed to have them yet. 
Some of the pictures are from Mackinaw Island he was so good on the boat ride over and great with the horses and everyone loved him they even gave him a giant snow cone without the syrup so he loved that on a hot day. 

We did a pumpkin for him with his name on one side and his big old paw print on the other side it turned out so cute. Alyssa just bought a ornament to do an impression of his paw print for the tree. We did a baby one when we first got him so what a change. He is still growing and filling out 10 months old now. 

He is also great in hotels also so he is very protective at home and when he needs to be but is so good with babies,, kids and people and other animals. He loves our bunny Oreo. Let us know what you think and that you got them this time. Thanks Chuck Lisa and Alyssa

Mitsy is beautiful and is a superstar in puppy classes and has been an absolutely lovely addition to our family and neighborhood.

She weights about 41 lbs, doesn't shed any hair at all, and is super sweet and gentle. Not only do we adore her but all the dogs and children she meets, adore her and find her very interesting. She is doing very well in puppy classes and all the puppies just love playing with her.

 Mitsy is very intelligent, well behaved and has even attended a wedding, been on a few road trips and has turned our ensure in to her bedroom sleeping quarters :) She prefers to be off leash and loves playing 
Hi Deborah,

 Eddy was groomed last Monday,
otherwise, was a pretty messy summer dog....loves the water and
mud.... all that good stuff.

Eddy is 100lbs, (I forget exact kg) and exceptionally healthy.

He is walked 3-4 times a day, typically with me all the time. He tends
to garner a great deal of attention, often when driving he has head
out window or most notably in my Volvo Wagon or Toyota SUV he stands
on the console with head out of the sunroof. 

Truthfully, I didn't
imagine so much attention. Even at Ottawa dog park with 100 dogs, he
seems to be considered the cutest, best looking and generates the most
interest. Part of it is people don't know what the hell he is,
although some sense he is a doodle mix, obviously. I love telling
people he is still a pup, which blows them away.

 I will add
testimonial below but truthfully Edward has exceeded expectations in
every way....he is a blast to play with, friendly with others and
smart/ well behaved. He is essentially an institution at local
Starbucks....I typically visit early in morning before walking on
trail....they all know him by name and love him.

"Eddy joined our family in Sept '15 as a cute, fluffy Saint/Poodle
mix. Honestly, he has been close to perfect....the best dog ever.
Playful, smart, kind and very very low maintenance...even as a pup.
His look is unique, and I never expected a dog would generate so much
interest, but people are drawn to Eddy continually. Many comment on
his great look and of course his temperament is perfect...just a
fantastic dog, so glad we chose him....he is just as you described
Deborah, calm and laid back but full of fun and playfulness. Thank
you. Bill and the boys"! Bill 

This was a couple of weeks ago Debbie. Eddy is a blast, incredibly
healthy and friendly. Eats and drinks steadily and he is a very
popular fellow. Most people ask what breed he is, as well as
commenting on his good looks.

He pretty much owns the front seat in both of my vehicles, and sits
very upright.....almost in a regal manner.

Going to vet this week. Thanks again, will send more.

Don't worry, Eddy is spoiled rotten, I/we have loved having him I our life. 

Hi Deborah, 

Finnigan has got a really sweat disposition. 

Loves babies and kids and shoes. Lol. He loves to jump and loves being chased. He is great in the stores, going shopping in frankenmuth.

 We take him alot with us although he is getting to heavy to lift, may be buying him a ramp to walk up.

 He rides well although the other day he didn't stay in the back he was hanging over the seat and than just decided that he was coming over onto the kids laps. He thinks he should sit on your lap all the time just like kingston. 

He has alot of his personality, he walks himself with his leash and thinks he is really cool. He has alot of personality beautiful eyes, cannot get very far out in public with him. Strangers take pictures of him. 

He went to alyssas college and I stayed out with him while chuck went in with alyssa and they told him to bring that dog in so they could see him. He is spoiled and thinks that everyone should pet him and they do. People will come from the other side of the road to come see him. They can't belive he is real. They think he is tibetan or a panda bear. His coat is so soft, thicker and longer than kingston, so far not much curl. He doesn't Matt much so easy to keep him long. 

He gets so excited when chuck gets home from work and Aidan gets up in the morning. He will grab a shoe or something from his room at 6 in the morning so Aidan will chase him. He is very big and blocky, reminds me of my sisters newfie. He's very smart has always gone to the door and rings his bells to go out but if he has to go really bad he will bark. He's funny.

Thank you so much for a great puppy.

Hi Deborah,

Ghost has adjusted to his new home very well. He weighs 30 lbs and is already potty trained at 3 1/2 months! We have a bell that hangs on the door knob that he pushes with his nose and rings whenever he has to go outside. He also sleeps through the night in his crate now with no problems. He has such a sweet personality and loves to play. His favorite game is to take take things around the house and wait for me to chase after him. It's fun but I found myself late taking my kids to school one day as he took my shoe! 

Ghost is very well behaved in the car. He sits in the front passenger side next to me and loves looking out of the window. After a little while, he lies down and takes a short nap only to pop his head up every now and then to see where we are. This weekend I took him on a road trip with me to a different state and he was excellent the whole way there and back.

I haven't given him a haircut yet as it is starting to get cold. Next year we plan on giving him a short haircut as he seems to get hot easily. His favorite place to take a nap is on the bathroom floor tile, on top of an air conditioner vent or on the marble in front of our fireplace. I bet he can't wait till it snows!

Ghost is amazing and we love him so much. We get lots of questions about his breed wherever we go. I will keep you updated as he gets bigger. 
Thanks Deb!


Seasons Greetings Deborah.

We celebrated Brix and Cru's 1st birthday today! They truly are amazing dogs and have so much love to give. They are a blessing to our family and we love them to the moon and back. 

Shil and Family....California

Good Morning: Mati (H) and I (Carol) want to thank you for the work you put into the raising of our new dog (Norman) and organizing of the transfer with our sons. Norman is a terrific dog. He is bright and well trained (sleeps throughout the night and does his business outside). He is happy, plays with his toys, interacts with the grandchildren in a nanny way ( gentle and playful). We couldn't be happier and wanted you to know that Norman is in a good home with alot of love. We will send pictures throughout the year. Sincerely, Carol and Mati

Dear Deborah:

Just wanted to say thanks again for raising such wonderful dogs! 
Macy has been a joy to have. We have never owned a dog that is so affectionate! She goes to work with me every day to our VW dealership and greets all the employees and customers. Of course they never get it right when guessing what kind of dog she is. She is also the most beautiful dog we have ever owned. So thanks again, hope you had a nice Christmas and wishing you continued success, happiness, health and joy for the New Year! Gayle

Hello Deborah! 

I must tell you, we can not be more in love! His name is Maximus. He was a great traveller on the way home, took turns on the kids laps, immediately peed outside when we got home, played with the kids, and had no accidents since he arrived! He is incredibly smart, loving, and playful. He has made himself right at home. The only time he cried at all was when I put a collar on him... he hated that! I ended up taking it off and he instantly stopped crying. I will try again today. Our hearts a very full, we are so very happy! Thank you so much! We will keep you posted!

Hi Deborah,

Just thought I would send some pics of our lovely Max. He is such a happy, playful, loving pup and oh so smart! He has stolen our hearts. Thanks so much for creating such the perfect addition to our family ❤

We lost two dogs during the summer of 2016 and we were devastated. We searched the web for a doodle that would be as big as the labradoodle we had. We wanted a dog with stature and presence, and at the same time sweetness and joy. 

We happened upon Deborah and Goliath Saintberdoodles and contacted her immediately. We had no idea there was even such a dog but her puppies were beyond cute. We live in New York and the trek up to see a puppy would long and arduous but once we started contacting Deborah she was phenomenally understanding. We saw a picture of a puppy who was sable and white. her name was Peaches. We decided we would come up to meet Peaches.

 Well, it was love at first sight. She ran to us like she knew us from birth. We knew then and there that Deborah had been right all along, this pup was for us. We now call her Fanny and she is nothing short of a miracle. 

All 85 pounds at nearly 9 months old, listens, is easily trained, loves to be with us but is completely independent, smells like a piece of candy, loves every dog she meets but knows when to back off, loves adults and children and is so lovable it hurts. She is a magnificent dog! We could not be happier.

Thank you Deborah for setting us in the Saintberdoodle direction!!  
Scott Cohen

I have been meaning to send a little note about our lovely girl! just a little background on her so maybe you will remember as i am sure you have lots of different puppies! her name was lady when we picked her up, and we renamed her Mabel! She was 17 weeks when we got her, and she had a brother who I believe  was still available! Our names are Brett and Natasha Curtis and we are from Barrie! We have attached many photos of her for you to see her growth! 

Our Mabel is a sweet girl who at almost 9 months and is around 80 lbs! She loves to go on big hikes, play at the dog park and cuddle up on the couch, which we now call "her couch" ! She is very friendly and loves people of all ages. We often take her to a nursing home here in Barrie where both our grandmothers reside. She is well known by all the residents, and Mabel receives many treats, pets and comments on how big she is getting! This winter her favorite spot was on our deck covered in snow, and we are so excited to see how much she loves going on our canoe and camping trips this summer! Mabel loves to lay down to eat her food, which we think is just the cutest ever, and she always finds the coolest place in the house to sleep! We could not be happier with our choice of having a Saintberdoodle, and we are so thankful for our Mabel girl! Thank you again, Natasha and Brett 

Hi there,

I've been meaning to do this for a long time now and I apologize for this being so late. 

We bought one of your Goldenmountaindoodle puppies last year. His name is Boston. You flew him to us on West jet to Moncton. Words can't even describe how amazing this dog has been to us.  He was a complete surprise to the kids. Our daughter is 7. Our son is 10. I must say, he's like our daughters best friend. He was easily the best dog I have ever owned for training. We live on 2.5 acres and he has yet to leave our property. He's been a blessing and we absolutely love him. He will be 2 years old this July.  
I wanted you to see that this guy has a very good life. We couldn't be happier. 

Take care,

Tish & John .......
We love our big baby Kubo Skywalker. He is becoming my little girl Gemma 's best friend. We like watching him grow and understand he has a bit to go. He is a Saintberdoodle who really looks and acts like a Bernard but with a curly coat that does not shed. Thank you for kubo!😊
Hi Deborah,

"Moose" is now One year Old. He's the best family dog we could have ever imagined."

Sean Marks....Brooklyn Nets
Moose at one year old
Goliath Saint Berdoodle Reviews 

Dear Deborah & Goliath staff,

Thank you so much for the new addition to our family. “Berney” came to us about 4 weeks ago, and has fit in better than any dog I’ve ever had. She’s very intelligent, and will be the “alpha” in no time, I’m sure. 

My grandsons, ages 9 & 11, came over and she played with them no problem. She only had a couple of weeks of training at Goliath, and April must be a fantastic trainer, for we’ve had no problems.

Thanks again Deborah for Berney, she’ll be loved the rest of her life!!

 Thank you, Paul Anka my close friend, who referred Goliath Saint Berdoodles to me.

Edward DeBartolo

Edward DeBartolo past owner of the 49ers  with his new Saint Berdoodle puppy from Goliath Saint Berdoodles

Hi Deborah, We named our new pup Lenny. We cannot believe how well and quickly he is adapting to his new life with us! He's very intelligent, and such a well behaved, gentle loving pup. In less than one week of him being with us he has learned sit, down, leash walking, potty and ringing the bell to go outside. He’s so eager to learn!
We had him vet checked his first day here and he passed with flying colors. Thank you for breeding such a lovely puppy. 

Hi there … wanted to just check in around the 2-year mark of Uncle Murray entering our lives. I have attached two photos for you.
He is about 85lbs. He is also a show-stopper wherever we go. It is actually annoying to walk him in crowded areas because we cannot go more than 10 yards without people stopping to photograph him or pet him. 

In addition to being spectacular to look at, he is probably the kindest creature on the planet. He never raises his voice, has never nipped at a person or a dog, and is always full of love. He actually pets us. Seriously. If we walk by him and he is lying down, he stick out his paw to grab us. If we pet him, he puts his paw on us and pets us. It is extraordinary.

I know everyone loves their dogs and thinks their dog is the best – but ours actually is. He loves each member of our family equally. He is a healer. He is perfect.

Just letting you know!

Nancy & Mitchell
Hello Deborah,

Hope you are well. You asked me awhile ago to send some pictures of Willow and I didn’t because it’s hard to get pictures now that she moves so much haha!! Here are some I’ve managed to get the last little while. She is doing great and she absolutely loves people (especially my husband). Can’t imagine our home without her now. Hope you enjoy the photos.

Alyssa Pellicciotta
Beyond adorable - he is so smart. So, he can sit, paw, beg, down, roll over, play dead, heel, stay (for long periods) and waits, seated, every time for his meal until I say "okay". Crate trained - no issues there. Meets other dogs and children very well indeed. Still has that laid back thing. Rings a bell to go out to the back yard, and poops in the same place, so scooping is easy. He is SOOOOO trainable - honestly, I am a total newby to dog training, and it is dead easy. Just reward the desired behaviour quickly when he does it, and repeat - he has it on like the third or fourth go. Incredibly smart. We actually have not had to go to puppy training - he can do everything we want him to do already.

We have had to give him chew toys, and big ones at that to keep him going, but he has already stopped chewing furniture / other inappropriate things - that was short lived.

Does not bark - this is a good thing! no health issues - has had all his vet stuff done up to date.

And completely lovable. Tess and me are covered in dog most of the time - we love him to pieces. Oooh and he got a hair cut! Looks tigery! I will send photos. Loved the groomers.


Moose has been amazing. We all love him and he's an incredible addition to the family. Sean Marks... Brooklyn Nets