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Goliath Doodles  

What is a Goliath Doodle? 

 A Goliath Doodle is a beautiful combination DESIGNER HYBRID BREED OF DOG, made up of four well known large breed family dogs in one.  The ever popular Golden Retriever, with the Goofy nature of the Bernese Mountain Dog, the patient and Gentle Giant Saint Bernard, and add in the intelligent and playful Standard Poodle, and you have a Goliath Doodle.

Goliath Saint Berdoodles is the first ever to breed this adorable and absolutely lovable combination of the top four family dogs. In early 2016 The Goliath Doodle was born. This breed is proving to be a very beautiful, intelligent, calm, quiet and gentle dog. With more of an out going personality and adjusting to strangers better than the Saint Berdoodle, plus the lower energy over that of the Golden Mountain Doodle, the Goliath Doodle is a perfect mix of the two breeds.  

The Goliath Doodle has a very beautiful low to non shedding hair coat, is a hypoallergenic, and comes in mini to large dogs type, that does not drool.
(depending on the generation of the puppy, puppies with only one quarter Poodle in them,  may have some shedding, but not like the pure breed dog) 

A Goliath Doodle....EXUBERANT fun loving, loyal dogs designed with families in mind. These puppies will lift your spirits high and brighten the dullest day. In their quest to ever please you, in whatever way they can, be it from showing off to you on how well they can learn, to their lavishing you with kisses. These puppies have it all. Affection, devotion, intelligence, loyalty, and high lifted  fun loving spirits. 

What more could a family ask for in a dog. Goliath Doodle puppies are a mix of FOUR OF THE BEST FAMILY DOGS in one dog. This designer dog is just that, a dog intentionally designed. It is not by chance that this exuberant, fun loving, affectionate, loyal family dog came into existence, but through careful consideration and planning.

We at Goliath set out to create the ultimate family dog. We began breeding this amazing combination of dog over three years ago, and cannot believe how quickly the demand for this breed of dog has soared. It is our very own designer breed in which we call a Goliath Doodle, and we are always continually seeking to instill and breed into this dog, all of the best traits of the four breeds in one. Be it temperament, and health, right down to color combinations, and hair coat textures, we are always working on improving this breed. 

Abe who is pictured in the last photo of this page, is one of our Goliath Doodle offspring, and soon to be one of our upcoming Studs.

We called this breed Goliath Doodle after the name of our company Goliath, of Goliath Saint Berdoodles, who by the way are the first breeders ever in Canada to breed the ever growing in popularity Saint Berdoodle, giving us the authoritative position in the knowledge of the Saint Berdoodle breed of dog.

Find yourself, in the joy of a Goliath Doodle puppy!

The energy levels of the Saintberdoodle are lower than the Golden Mountain Doodle, who is more of  a Medium energy level dog. The Goliath Doodle is in the middle. He is not to low of energy and not to high. 

Through the last few years of breeding both the Saint Berdoodle and the Golden Mountain Doodle, I have been able to observe the traits of both breeds.  The Golden Mountain Doodle, I have found to be more energetic than the Saint Berdoodle. They have a super out going personality, and happily greet strangers.

The Golden Mountain Doodle has longer play time in him, and would be considered more playful than the Saint Berdoodle, but sometimes to a fault for those who are not into longer play time. 

The Golden Mountain Doodle just loves the water. At any given time you can find a golden Mountain Doodle standing in their water dish  splashing water every where.

Both the Golden Mountain Doodle and the Saint Berdoodle are home body dogs. They are content to stay at home. They are not runners, where if given the chance to escape would run away on you, rather if out loose they normally just hang around the house.  You generally do not have to worry about them running off.

The Saint Berdoodle is a lot more reserved around strangers, and is not  as outgoing in meeting strangers as what the Golden Mountain Doodle is. It does take longer to gain the trust of the Saint Berdoodle.   

The Saint Berdoodle are very loving with their owners and people they know and trust.  

The Saint Berdoodle is a lower energy dog and is content to laze about on the sofa if allowed to. Because the Saint Berdoodles are are a lower energy dog they are not into actively playing for extended periods of time. They will play but do not expect it to be for a long time. Some Saint Berdoodles are okay with a lot of walking or running, but the bigger boned heavier built puppies prefer not to. 

Goliath Doodles 

Are  very intelligent Happy playful Dogs with a little Goofiness to their nature.
They love attention and love to PLAY!!!

These  breeds love the water and are good swimmers.. they love to be by their owners side and will play all day if you want to... They are excellent with children and make great family pets.

The Golden Mountain Doodle and Goliath Doodle are bred in Different Sizes, depending upon the size of the Parents used for breeding.

They are not droolers and with very Low to Non-Shedding Type of Hair coats. Because of their Hypoallergenic hair coat types, they make a great Dog for Allergy Sufferers, or Simply for those who are looking for  NON SHEDDING Type of Dogs, Please note the curlier the coat the less shedding and are the best for allergies...straighter hair coats could have some  minimal shedding..

 The Golden Mountain Doodle and Goliath Doodle are breeds that are Great Family Dog.  

 With Low to non Shedding hair coats, plus all the Traits you love in the pure breeds but now combined into one. The Golden Retriever, the Bernese Mountain Dog and Standard Poodle make up the Golden Mountain Doodle.  

It was our  deliberate intention to add the Saint Bernard into the already established breed of the Golden Mountain Doodle, creating a new breed named  the "Goliath Doodle" . Goliath Doodle is the name chosen to give to this breed, after the original breeders name of this new breed is, Goliath Saint Berdoodles.  

By adding the beloved Gentle Giant, the Saint Bernard into the breed, you now have the Goliath Doodle, the combination in ...  


Drawing from three to four different GENE POOLS gives you a MUCH HEALTHIER  Genetic Disease Free type of Dog. 

With the added benefits not only of a very healthy Low Shedding Breed of Dog you also get a great Family Dog with Very High Intelligence, and a Good Fun loving Nature.

These puppies pictured below in our past puppy pictures already had started wagging their tails to greet us at only three weeks old.


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    "Our Adoption form" 
 is used to help us to determine if we have or will have a puppy that best matches what you are looking for.....ie if you are looking for a large  dog the adoption  form helps us to know this and therefore not  send you pictures of a small dog  or vise versa.....or if you have allergies we will know not to include puppy  pictures of a straight haired puppy who would be more likely to effect your allergies.....or if you have a maximum price in mind we know to exclude puppies who are above your budget cost..etc

The Adoption form is to match the best puppy suited for his/her new family!

Golden Mountain Doodle 
Fun fun fun
 Beautiful  Golden Mountain Doodle puppies available for Aug  2018 

The Ultimate Cottage Dogs

Goliathdoodles.com Golden Mountain Doodle female
Goliathdoodles.com  male  Golden Mountain Doodle puppy

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Standard Poodle
Saint Bernard
Goliath Doodle
   Goliath Doodle
These Two breeds make the "Golden Mountain Doodle" pictured below 
ALL PUPPIES BELOW HAVE BEEN ADOPTED  Please visit our Goliath Doodle puppies for sale page for available puppies.
 We breed F1 and f2 Generation Goliath Doodles 

  F1 Generation in the Goliath Doodle means that there are equal amounts of each of the four Pure Breed dogs in the mix, making the dog 1/4 of each breed.  
  Having only one quarter Poodle in the F1 generation of Goliath Doodle they do not get the really curly coats like the Poodle. They get a beautiful non shed type of wavy coat which is not as long or curly as the Poodle and easier to manage. We would not recommend this breed for someone with severe allergies as a curly coat is best for allergy sufferers. 

  F2 Generation of Goliath Doodles have a little more Poodle in them, and better hair coats for thsoe with sever allergies.

What is a Golden Mountain Doodle?

A Golden Mountain Doodle is a mix of a Golden Retriever and
Bernese Mountain Dog and Poodle.

Our Puppies Parents are: First generation of
 Golden Mountain Dog (Golden Retriever & Bernese Mountain Dog) & a
Standard Poodles, or a Golden Mountain Doodle with a Golden Mountain Doodle known as f2 or second generation dogs.

These Four breeds make the "Goliath Doodle's" pictured below 
What is a Goliath Doodle?  

Golden Mountain Doodle